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Please click here to contact us for any of the reasons below:

1. Inquiries about any of our product or service.

2. To place an advert on our website or request a quote.

3. To request a product review.

4. To report any issues pertaining to our services or products.

5. To request a meeting with any of our representative.

6. To submit an article for publishing (NB: If this is your reason for wanting to contact us, please clearly provide links to at least two of your social media accounts when mailing us)

7. To make a suggestion.

8. To recommend a website(s) for crawling.

9. You are an ARTIST and would like us to host, post or feature your song on Tadall ( Please send your .mp3 file, album art, & short song description to Etc. Etc.

Please ensure clarity, aptness, and professionalism when contacting us to guarantee a prompt response time (usually within the hour). Thanks.


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